As a writer who is also an editor, I produce thorough, accurate, artistically worded, deftly edited copy.

Some of my favorite things I’ve written:

‘The truth matters more than anything’
Through her massively popular “Murdaugh Murders Podcast,” Mandy Matney has illuminated a complex saga of crime and corruption for millions of listeners and emerged as a trusted, tenacious investigative journalist.
Kansas Alumni magazine
Winter 2024

Life, amplified
Affected by hearing loss at a young age, KU-trained audiologist Jessica Johnson now provides help and hope to those facing hearing challenges of their own.
Kansas Alumni magazine
Fall 2023

Rural renewal
A KU alumna’s passion for preserving historic buildings has brought tourism, vitality to a small Kansas town.
Kansas Alumni magazine
Summer 2023

Meg Piercy turns old to ‘gold’ on HGTV
KU graduate’s flair for furniture restoration is the foundation of her business, MegMade, and the HGTV series “Renovation Goldmine.”
Kansas Alumni magazine
Fall 2022

Action as antidote
A Kansas Army wife’s keepsakes recount her trailblazing advocacy and the Vietnam War’s impact on the homefront.
Kansas Alumni magazine
Summer 2022

Health hardships guide social worker
After her own battle with a brain disease, Mackenzie Hanna now helps neurological patients at The University of Kansas Health System navigate their next steps.
Kansas Alumni magazine
Spring 2022

Unlocked potential
A partnership with a women’s prison has solved a South Dakota golf course superintendent’s labor struggles and helped inmates’ lives change course.
Golf Course Management magazine
June 2019

Reclaimed to fame
Switching from potable to reclaimed water for golf course irrigation — a long-envisioned possibility for California’s Pasatiempo Golf Club — recently became reality.
Golf Course Management magazine
October 2017

A salamander sanctuary
“Hundreds of beady eyes beamed back at Brian Stiehler as he stood by a stream at Highlands Country Club in Highlands, North Carolina, on a clear, damp night in June 2009 …”
Golf Course Management magazine
May 2017

Lost attractions of Florida
Throughout its 170-plus-year history, Florida has been a popular vacation and tourism destination. Here are a few diversions you won’t see on your upcoming trip to the Sunshine State, however, culled from Florida’s sizable archive of bygone attractions.
Golf Course Management magazine
January 2017

Making a way for monarchs
Plant native milkweed and nectar-producing flowers to aid these beloved but threatened butterflies.
Golf Course Management magazine
February 2016

Grease-powered greenkeeping
Restaurant refuse becomes biodiesel, right in the golf course maintenance shop at Texas’ Tierra Verde Golf Club.
Golf Course Management magazine
October 2015

19 ways to prevent and treat colds and flu
Stay well this winter with these proven strategies for fending off and bouncing back from colds and flu.
Mother Earth News magazine
December 2012/January 2013

A sobering struggle
College students with alcoholism fight to overcome their addiction in an alcohol-infused atmosphere.
The University Daily Kansan
Dec. 3, 2008

Your brain on the Book: The psychological appeal and effects of Facebook
Why you’re hooked, the changing meaning of “friend,” and the mental toll of uninhibited communication and self-disclosure.
Jayplay magazine
Dec. 6, 2007