Writing? Relax! I’ll sweat the details.

Editing is my “thing,” and I’ve done it professionally, full time for more than 15 years. Your satisfaction with your final edited product is guaranteed.

I specialize in working with writers who don’t necessarily have a background in writing but who are passionate about their message and communicating it exceptionally.

I provide big-picture “macro” editing, meticulous copy editing and finishing-touch proofreading, giving prose a thorough polishing. I offer each individually or in any combination.

What’s the difference, you ask?

The macro edit

This read focuses on the substance and quality of your writing.

  • Does it make the point it sets out to make?
  • Is it easy to follow?
  • Does it keep an appropriate pace?
  • Is there wordiness or clumsy composition?
  • Is it accurate?
  • Is any information that’s necessary to the reader’s understanding or appreciation of the message missing?
  • Is it interesting? (Because no matter how well intentioned or grammatically flawless a piece of writing may be, if it can’t hold the reader’s attention or doesn’t deliver its point compellingly, it won’t be effective.)

I’ll take a bird’s-eye view to assess how well you’re conveying what you want to convey and will offer suggestions to help you better hit your target. This step will be collaborative — I will ask you questions and provide writing prompts so together we can fill in any missing elements, clarify anything that’s murky, and expound where doing so will make your work stronger.

Because the macro edit critiques the substance of your piece, it should be done before the next step

The copy edit

This is the deep dive into spelling, grammar, consistency and adherence to a style.

I’ll comb through each sentence of your text with an eye on all things grammatical, such as verb tense, hyphenation, a colon vs. an em dash, “every day” vs. “everyday” — all the finer points that separate high-quality writing from amateur writing. By fixing these, we’ll keep the focus on your message (right where you want it to be!).

I am proficient in Associated Press style, have experience editing to the Chicago Manual of Style, and am confident adjusting to different in-house styles as specified by clients.

In addition to the traditional elements of copy editing, it’s also my pleasure to offer wording suggestions — synonyms for overused words, active verbs to replace passive verbs, and ideas for words and phrases that will help you paint a more vivid or poignant picture.

The proofread

With your message refined and your text put through a rigorous copy edit, a proofread is the final quality-assurance measure. In this last read of your work, I will inspect for errors that may have slipped through or may have been inadvertently introduced during previous reads.

And now, your perfected writing is ready for the world’s eyes, and you can unleash it with 100% confidence.

Want to chat about your writing project, what kind of editing will be best, how long it will take, or any other details of the process? Contact me!



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Mother Earth News magazine
October/November 2010

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Mother Earth News magazine
August/September 2010


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